We Love Our Vendors

Each year, clients of HG Manage award millions of dollars in contract labor jobs throughout communities in Colorado. That’s a lot of business! We have an expansive vendor pool that includes a broad range of contract labor companies specializing in commercial clients.

To serve our associations and communities even better, we’ve partnered with Vendor Smart to create simplified, transparent access to our large pool of qualified vendors. HG Manage community managers select vendors who have signed up and have their compliance documents (Certificate of Insurance, W-9, Workers’ Compensation, and Master Service Agreement) verified by, and on file with, Vendor Smart. We don’t limit ourselves to the same old industry list of vendors, our goal is to find quality vendors that fit the needs of our communities.

Our robust tool offers a lot of benefits for your business in addition to joining our vendor list. Some of these include:

Vendors Search

Your company will be placed in a searchable directory visible to hundreds of property managers and their associations throughout Texas and Arizona. Grow your business by becoming visible to new community managers and associations you may not have worked with before! Your company profile includes a company description, service categories, contact information, and reviews of previous work.

Vendors Search

Compliance Documents

Submit compliance documents (W-9, COI, MSA, etc.) directly to Vendor Smart one time upon sign-up. Compliance documents are stored in Vendor Smart, where they are monitored continuously by the Vendor Smart team to ensure eligibility to work with the property management company. Vendor Smart will update your compliance documents with the property management company annually, so you don’t have to; this ensures you never lose eligibility to work with HG Manage.

Submit Compliance Documents

Requests for Proposals (RFPs)

Get notified when a new RFP fits your service category! Gain access to RFPs posted by all SpectrumAM community managers, and complete your bid directly on Vendor Smart. Even more, our customer support is the best in the industry. If you need assistance with anything we’re just a phone call, email, or live chat away.

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